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In Town for a Few Days at Grand Park?

Why Not Do Something Awesome!

We are a sports only photography company that specializes in team composites for banners, posters and more! Show your pride and team spirit with a team banner that will show you mean business!

Option 1 – Studio

Just 10 minutes west of Grand Park is our studio…conveniently located at the large community center of the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville. We have a main upstairs studio…as well as access to 50,000+ square feet of multi use courts that are also an option for your session. Utilizing green screen technology, we will take a range of individual and group photos and create a composite image that will be the final banner.¬†We can even incorporate your home field, mascot, etc into the design. There are no limits as to what we can do! See our Facebook Page for the latest! And the cost…as little as $15/person for a 4’x8′ banner!

Unlimited options with green screen! The above banner made with some of the images below.

In-Studio sessions include instant feedback with large monitors for approval!

Option 2 – On Location

Don’t have the time for a studio shoot…we can come to you! Weather pending, of course, we will work with the team to find a location that we can use to get the best shots on location. We have a full mobile studio that allows us to go wherever you are at!

On Location Photo with Background Change

Let’s Get Things Started!

Please fill out the form with your information and dates you will be in town…and we will take it from there!

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