Picture Day

For picture day for leagues and clubs…we do things much differently that what has been done in the past. First, if it is possible, we like to do everything indoors! Why? Because we can’t control the weather and that is the biggest factor that can cause delays as well as interfere with the photographic process (ie wind, bright sun, cold/hot days). By doing it indoors we can control many of the factors that help keep picture day running smooth and producing great photographs.

Second, we shoot everything on a blue or green keyed background. This allows us to digitally remove and add in a background that also changes year after year. No more people standing in the background or other distractions in your photo.

But the biggest reason is that we do NOT shoot any team pictures! Why? Several reasons. The biggest is that there is always going to be players or coaches that will not be able to make it for picture day, and we want to make sure everyone is included in the team photo. That is why we shoot with the green/blue screen and we digitally combine players and coaches ┬áinto a final team photo…no matter when or where the picture was taken!

Check out the image below…this is an actual picture day with a 3 camera setup. You also will see 2 green and 1 blue background…this allows us to match up to make sure players with green don’t get shot on green which can make it difficult for the extraction process. On the tables you also see player cards which help us visually confirm a players identity.