Benefits for Parents

benefits-for-parentsSince most of our photographers are parents as well, we know first hand on being the customer, how picture days are run and how pictures are purchased and received. The first thing we do is try to make the the process and the actual picture day go as smoothly as possible and on time. We understand you probably have multiple kids playing multiple sports, work commitments, family commitments…and the list goes on and on!

Here is a quick run-down on why we think we are the best choice for parents:

  • Family Discounts with multiple sibling households (we don’t know anybody else that does this!)
  • Online pre-sales orders…have everything ordered and ready to go before pictures are even taken
  • Online Password protected ordering. Busy before picture day and don’t have your envelope, or have family out of state…we’ve got you covered
  • More selection when ordering via envelope and even  more selection and customization when ordering online
  • No minimum purchase to be able to purchase ala carte items
  • Permanent storage and reordering…we keep everything
  • Different themes and merchandise every year! No more of the same thing year after year!